Upward, inward, outward fb cover.png

I believe that this is our calling as followers of Jesus.

Here's what I mean by "UPWARD." 
In our weekly Sunday morning gatherings, we want to celebrate Jesus Christ above all! We do this through sharing our stories where Jesus is the hero, through worshiping God together in song, through giving, through serving, through prayer together, through enjoying the richness of the scriptures together, and through proclaiming Jesus' death and resurrection.  

Here's what I mean by "INWARD." 
In personal times alone with God, we strive to practice prayer, rest, reading the scriptures, meditating on them, and meeting together with one or two others for discipling through accountability and encouragement.

Here's what I mean by "OUTWARD." 
If we think of each of our small groups as a "family of missionary servants," then that means some specific things. First, we are learning to treat each other like "family." Second, we are learning to serve each other and also all those God sends us to. Thirdly, we are learning to live like missionaries to our world, starting in our own neighborhood. These small groups can gather for prayer, teaching, and fellowship. But they are also meant to multiply, and to see that they are always being sent to the lost children of God. They pray together about who God is sending them to, they plan together to do acts of service to love those people better, and they train together to share the story of the Gospel better. They invite people to relationship with Christ and to the people in their group as well. This is a community on mission.


- Jason Easterbook, Pastor