Our Mission is to glorify God as fully-devoted followers of Jesus Christ by loving God, loving others, living His Word, and impacting the world!

GBF is made up of people from many walks of life. We spend time together Sunday's and throughout the week, because we have one thing in common - we are growing disciples of Christ ... emphasis on "growing." Sometimes we get things right and sometimes we make a mess. But we trust that when we are focused on God, He'll use whatever we can offer to show the world how amazing He is. We're just messy people learning to love God, love one another, and serve Sexsmith and our world. 

Sunday Worship

        Worship Celebrations
                     Prayer Meeting - 8:30am
                     Starting July 2nd: First Service - 9:30am

   Sunday, June 25 - Service at Bear Lake Bible                              Camp at 10:00am

         Sunday School & Adventure Kids
Starting again Fall 2017


During our Sunday worship at GBF we teach directly from a passage in the Bible and seek to apply it to our lives.  We typically sing songs together as a part of our worship of God.  If you prefer not to sing, or just want to listen - please feel free to do so!  We also collect an offering.  Those who come regularly use this as an opportunity to thank God and to acknowledge Him as the source of everything.  If you are a guest or new to the church, you are welcome to participate but don't feel obligated to give.

At GBF we love kids and if you attend - you will find lots of them!  We enjoy the life they bring to our church family.  We are pretty relaxed and don't sweat the small stuff.  If you are wondering how to dress... some people dress up and many wear jeans.  Wear what you are comfortable with.  If you have any questions, please contact us... there are several ways to do that under the contact information tab.

News & Events

  • BLBC Church Campout - June 23-25.

  • Sunday, June 25 - Service at Bear Lake Bible Camp 10:30am